By Wayne Cook, D.D.S.
June 09, 2016
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Ever wondered if there was a way you could brighten up dark teeth or maybe fill in some missing gaps in your smile?

If you live in Marion, AR and are looking to improve your smile, consider calling Dr. Wayne Cook. A qualified general and cosmetic Cosmetic Dentistrydentist, Dr. Cook can give your smile a whole new look.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental procedures designed to improve the appearance of damaged, decayed or discolored teeth or otherwise repair flaws in your smile such as missing teeth, bite issues and/or spacing issues. Such procedures can be as simple as tooth whitening or bleaching to as complex dental implants. Whatever your issue, you can be sure your Marion cosmetic dentist will have a practical, appropriate and affordable solution for you.

The following are some of the cosmetic dental services Dr. Cook and staff offer:

  • Bleaching – A simple, painless procedure during which the patient wears a mouth guard-like tray that contains a whitening chemical used to remove stains or lighten the color and shade of teeth.
  • Bonding – A simple, painless procedure during which your dentist will use a resin material to fill in small gaps, cavities and chips in your teeth.
  • Braces – Braces are used to correct bite issues and overcrowding issues. Traditional braces usually consist of metal bands and wires your dentist places permanently onto your teeth and periodically adjusts. Newer systems, such as Invisalign, can be worn and removed as necessary by the patient, however, these systems are most appropriate for milder, less complicated issues.
  • Cosmetic contouring- A procedure in which your dentist will carefully remove a small portion of enamel from your teeth to improve the shape, then smooth and polish them.
  • Crowns and bridges – Crowns are prosthetic devices used to cover a damaged or decayed tooth. During this procedure, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth to custom build the crown, then file down the tooth and permanently attach the crown. Bridges are prosthetic devices usually used to replace 1-3 missing teeth, and are attached to two healthy teeth or implants on either side of the space being filled.
  • Implants – A dental implant is a replacement option for missing teeth. In this procedure, the dentist drills a hole in the jawbone and places the implant, which then becomes part of the jawbone. Once the implant is firmly anchored by new jawbone tissue that has grown around it, the dentist will place a titanium post in the implant and permanently attach a crown. This usually takes several months and more than one trip to the dentist.
  • Specialty dentures – Specialty dentures are false teeth custom designed and made specifically to your needs.

If you are seeking a qualified dentist for cosmetic or general dental services in Marion, AR, consider contacting Dr. Wayne Coo at (870) 739-8799.


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