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November 19, 2020
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Flossing to clean the spaces between your teeth effectively gets rid of difficult-to-reach spaces that toothbrushing might miss, particularly if wires and brackets are blocking the way. Ideally, you should be flossing between every single tooth once daily, or more depending on what you ate, and then utilize a tiny interproximal toothbrush for cleaning around and under the wires and brackets.

If you’re having a particularly difficult time flossing with braces, you can ask your dentist in Marion, AR, Dr. Wayne Cook of Wayne Cook D.D.S. for personalized recommendations. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you get started.

Simple Tips to Floss Your Teeth

  • Take 18 to 24 inches of waxed floss and then thread it between your teeth and the main wire. It’s important to use waxed floss as unwaxed versions easily tear and can become stuck in your brackets.
  • Always wrap the floss end portions around the index fingers so that you can handle the floss easier.
  • Press the floss gently between the teeth and then slide it up and down along both of the teeth’s sides. If you are flossing your top teeth, do an inverted U shape—go up a tooth’s side portion to your gum line and go down the other tooth’s side.
  • Remove the floss by gently unthreading it from the wire. Don’t just pop it out to avoid accidentally knocking out the wire from the bracket.
  • Do these steps for all the brackets and teeth.

Other Tips for Easier and Proper Flossing with Braces

To speed up flossing the traditional way, you can opt to use a simple floss threader. This tool will help you pull the floss behind the wires of your braces easily. If you have sensitive gums, which usually happen to most people who just started wearing braces, you can likewise consider using dental tape for flossing. This is basically super-slim floss that’s spongy and smooth and is wider than standard dental floss. Also, you can consider flossing with an oral irrigator or Waterpik.

Regardless of the method you choose, you must keep up with your daily oral care regimen and visits to your dentist in Marion, AR, to prevent oral health issues while your braces work to make your teeth and smile straighter.

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