By Wayne Cook, D.D.S.
December 07, 2016
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A sore tooth is never a fun experience and a full-blown toothache can be enough to drive a person to desperation. However, your dentist can often put these painful situations to rest with a simple procedure called a root canal. Find out if a root canal can help preserve your tooth with Dr. Wayne Cook in Marion, AR.

Will a root canal help my tooth? 
If your tooth’s inner pulp and nerve have become compromised due to trauma or decay, you can probably benefit from a root canal. A root canal will clean the damaged or decayed tissues from the inside of the tooth, ensuring none are left behind, then permanently refilling the new, hollow tooth with composite resin material. This important final filling step will renew your tooth’s stability and structure without compromising its outer shell, allowing you to keep your smile.

What can I expect during a root canal? 
The procedure for a root canal usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Though many people falsely believe a root canal is painful, your dentist will numb the area using local anesthesia to ensure you feel no discomfort or pain. Your Marion, AR, dentist will use special instruments to remove the inside tissues of the tooth and scrub the tooth itself clean. This prevents future dental issues by ensuring no decay remains after the procedure. Your dentist then uses composite resin materials to fill in the tooth and complete the procedure. Most root canals require a dental crown fit over the top of the tooth to help protect and stabilize it from further damage.

Root Canal Therapy and Crowns in Marion, AR
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped dental restoration which a dental laboratory customizes especially for your tooth. The crown will fit over your tooth and surround it on the sides and top. The crown serves to protect the tooth and further strengthen it against outside elements. Your dentist can help you better understand crowns and root canals during your next dental examination.

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