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By Wayne Cook, D.D.S.
June 17, 2021
Category: Oral Health

Visiting your Marion, AR, family dentist, Dr. Wayne Cook, will help you keep your sparkling smile healthy. In addition to seeing the dentist every six months for a check-up, it's a good idea to schedule an appointment if you experience any of these issues.

You have a toothache

Pain in a tooth is a clear sign that something's wrong. A toothache can occur for a variety of reasons ranging from a cavity to a crack in a tooth or a sinus infection. Fortunately, your dentist can determine why your tooth hurts and offer an effective treatment.

If you have severe, throbbing pain accompanied by a fever, swollen lymph nodes, facial swelling, pus, or a bump on your gum, you may have a dental abscess. Abscesses are caused by bacterial infections and require emergency dental care. If you think you might have an abscess, call the Marion, AR, dental office immediately.

Your gums hurt

Sore, swollen, and red gums could be signs that you have gum disease. Without treatment, the disease could damage your gum tissue and the bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place.

Your jaw is stiff

Does your jaw feel stiff and painful when you wake up? Jaw stiffness is often related to grinding or clenching your teeth at night. Grinding or clenching can crack teeth and fillings. It also increases your risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorder. Your dentist can provide you with a custom nightguard to protect your teeth and reduce tension on your jaw while you sleep.

You're unhappy with your appearance

Your family dentist offers several treatments that improve the appearance and function of your smile, including:

  • Teeth whitening to erase stains
  • Veneers to hide imperfections and damage on the fronts of teeth and change the shape or length of teeth
  • Dental crowns to strengthen and restore teeth and improve their appearance
  • Tooth-colored fillings to make your dental work blend in with your teeth
  • Bonding to repair damage or enhance the way your tooth looks
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked teeth

You have sleep apnea

Treating sleep apnea helps you avoid heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious health complications. If you can't tolerate a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, an oral appliance offered by your family dentist offers another option.

The appliance keeps your airway open by holding your jaw forward and preventing your tongue from falling against your airway. Thanks to your brand new sleep apnea device, you'll get a better night's sleep and reduce your risk of serious health issues.

Do you need to see Dr. Cook, your family dentist in Marion, AR? Call 870-739-8799 to schedule your appointment.

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