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By Wayne Cook, D.D.S.
April 19, 2019
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Preserve your natural teeth and protect your smile with the help of root canal therapy!

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy should be your top priority. Of course, problems can always arise that necessitate an immediate visit Root_Canalto our Marion, AR, dentist, Dr. Wayne Cook. If you are dealing with a cracked/fractured tooth or general dental pain, then you will most likely benefit from getting root canal treatment.


What is the purpose of root canal therapy?

If you are dealing with dental pain, our dentist may recommend getting root canal therapy to remove the source of the pain and to preserve the tooth. When a patient needs a root canal, it is because there is an infection or inflammation in the dental pulp and the roots of the tooth. In order to prevent the problem from getting worse, our dentist will remove the dental pulp (which is found inside the tooth) and then clean and seal up the root canals.


Why is a root canal beneficial?

The most obvious benefit is that this procedure quickly eliminates the source of your dental pain. A toothache can be miserable and most people dealing with an infected or inflamed pulp are in considerable pain. Luckily, by getting this simple endodontic procedure from our Marion office, this pain can go away for good!

Another benefit to getting a root canal is that it often saves a tooth. If a tooth has been cracked or damaged in some way that allows bacteria to enter its inside, our goal is to preserve as much of the tooth’s natural structure as possible rather than just removing the entire thing. Getting a tooth extraction isn’t the best option, for it’s much simpler and healthier to get a root canal and maintain your own natural teeth.


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